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Jeans that you can find at TopsJeans

With all the trends and craziness of nowadays, jeans fashion is expanding in a fast pace from day to day, the wide range of jeans for juniors is growing in all the possible forms and we can’t say if this will ever slow down. Juniors and/or teens clothing take a significant part of the clothing market now, every day, large numbers of eye-catching and stylish junior clothing is appearing in shops to bring in more and more people into crazy fashion.

So, in case you are a girl teenager and have and absolute obsession for jeans and all about that cute pair of pants, you will probably be familiar with the difficulty of choosing the right pair when there are so many fancy ones available, getting red skinny jeans or black skinny jeans is always tempting. So that you can do things easier, we have outlined some popular jeans styles that will provide you with what is popular nowadays and without too high price for your style.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are possibly the most popular and are considered fashionable whatever else you decide to put on or whatever style of clothing you prefer. This type of jeans is very affordable. Plain colors like beige skinny jeans for example look good. The retail price is always higher then online, but since we are an online store is very fair and begins with as low as $15.83 if you count what you pay in buy 2, get 1 free category. Skinny jeans are divided in a variety of sub styles that differentiate by color, wash and number of pockets. There are lots of features that these jeans possess like buttons and cute metallic rivets all over your jeans. Did you see jeans with cuffed ankles? That is some interesting design!

Some jeans are more sexy then other and there always plenty of styles to choose from.

Washed styles are ranging from dark to light shades. Skinny jeans are always the best choice, when you are in doubt. Girls are into colored jeans, believe us, we know, so it is more than appropriate to get maroon skinny jeans. 😉 But still, classic denim colors are always around there for you. Skinny jeans will allow you to get any kind of look you are aiming for and with jeans it easy to get all stylish and attractive and since winter season is far from ending, it is more than appropriate to get a pair now.

Oh well, it is time for us to finish already! See you in the next one. ^_^ XoXo

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Cute and Trendy Junior Clothing

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Fashion is all what people talk these days. As much as you are interested in keeping yourself up-to-date to the latest fashion trends, women definitely also need some attention in this area. Imagine you are out in a mall all dressed up and fashionable but your clothes are just those simple pants and shirts which are totally out of trend these days. How would that make you feel? You do not want yourself to look old fashioned and all out of today’s trend. Nobody considers trendy junior clothes as such, once they are passé.
Here we have some junior trendy clothing tips that will totally rock this winter season.
Jeans have always been in fashion among kids and adults. For males as well as for females, colored jeans are counted as cute junior clothes. Many famous brands have ranges of sexy and cute jeans with different styles for both genders. Jeans will make you look stylish and glamorous and will also keep them warm and cozy in this chilling weather.
Plain jeans and or skinny jeans are all very trendy and easily available at stores. Why bother, if you can simply order them online?
Another cheap and trendy clothing juniors will be tops. Tops not only look classy and chic, but they perfectly fulfill their purpose of keeping you warm. Full length sleeves are also in trend (it is that season) and are available in our store. Women can get tops of their favorite color or their favorite pattern or style. If you are interested in hand crafting, then you can knit tops or any kind of clothing for yourself and make it look as you wish, but not many of us possess those great knitting skills. This winter, try out this classic fashion tip that will make your friends envy your fashion choice in cute and trendy juniors clothing.
Winter is never complete without shoes and we all need shoes. Shoes are pretty essential for us as human beings and are present in a variety of trendy and amazing styles. There are various kinds of glamorous and stylish shoes from some former high heels to big and sturdy shoes that will keep your legs cozy during the winter and these are few of the shoes styles which will make juniors look all sexy and fully dressed up even in winter season. Nothing for boys here, we do women fashion only here. That the kind of juniors trendy clothes we are talking about.
But your fashion is not complete with items above, you need a true warming piece of garment to keep yourself warm.
Scarfs and winter hats:
Everybody knows that keeping your head warm is totally essential. Such winter accessories are always among the top few choices when we talk about trendy junior clothing. There are scarfs available here to keep you warm and some warm hats for your concern. Classic style scarfs can be worn with whatever style you choose and it will make you all trendy and cute.
Well, it is time for us to finish with the winter tips for today. See you in the next one and keep stylish!


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Butt lift jeans that changed the world

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Denim time! Today dear readers, we are talking about butt lift jeans. Why butt lifter jeans, you might ask. Well, they are very popular nowadays and we are all about being in trend, no time to lose, you know. You are already aware that we are huge fans of Colombian jeans, but in few last weeks we only reviewed some of our skinny jeans, so this is a nice shift of themes for us.

I remember how I saw this type of jeans for the first time, I got some wow thoughts on these and fall in love forever. Everything about these is perfect, from high they actually fit your body to the effect they give your buttocks. I like having different jeans in my wardrobe, with different wash (of course), the detailing/outlining and some with zipper and other with buttons.

Take our Brazilian jeans for example, they feature zipper models and buttons models, some even come with belt included (just few of them) which adds a distinctive feel to them and they are also quite flattering because they keep to the contour of your body. The hemline is of the ordinary skinny jeans and helps a bit in making the legs look just a bit longer. Regarding the detailing, there are few elements like rivets and stitching lines that clearly distinguish one pair from another. These specific things are usually rather notable and unique to most of the jeans.

Now as we now have talked about most of the specifics, the body fit of the butt jeans is comparable to their traditional skinny jeans predecessor. These are slim and sleek all the way down along with the rear pockets placed flawlessly to become thin and this is the thing I really like about bum lift jeans. Unlike their skinny counterparts, these are generally much more flexible denim with more stretching. They are really comfortable and do not restrict you from moving around at all. They are really certainly not restrictive, limiting or not comfortable, definitely not awkward, pretty stretchy, so they adapt to you in time. This is proven to work well with different types of tops.

I do say that these butt lift jeans are pretty cool and I mean it, they can fit well in the knees and are also skinny everywhere. Well it is time to finish today, see you in the next post.

XoXo 🙂

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Juniors skinny jeans at TopsJeans

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We are getting a post today and it will be about skinny jeans this time around. It’s already been quite some time since we did one. To be honest skinny jeans are one of my favorite, since they help a lot with the shape of the body, making it look smoother and really trendy. Here at TopsJeans skinny jeans for juniors cheap is what we specialize at (Ha-ha, like we do not in other ones :-) ) and can definitely tell you a lot about, so why not review this never ending topic once again?

On each product page of the website there is quite an explicit description, hand written for better details and is there with a sole purpose of explaining what you are looking at. The collection we carry is inspired by today’s fashion, since we like to be up-to-date. Denim is our passion and you can also find other types of clothing that you can combine those juniors skinny jeans with. So if you come up with a question like: where to buy maroon skinny jeans? You will definitely find it in our store. Our jeans can be found in multiple colors (isn’t that exciting?) take maroon skinny jeans for example or burgandy skinny jeans. The fabric of them jeans is of course made up of mostly cotton and some stretchy stuff. There are also patterns on some of our jeans and always something to choose from. For example our beige skinny jeans for juniors. Talking about washes, there are plenty of them too! Most a lighter, while some are darker, all for your stylishness and astonishingly slimming effect is coming with each pair. This is a day to day type of pants.

All the cheap skinny jeans for juniors have different details and/or traits, which distinguish them. These are generally so much different from the straight type of cheap skinny jeans for juniors in the way they feel. This denim is tight, but not uncomfortable. It is a little bit stretchy, so that it adepts to your shapes. And those back pockets? No, they are not bulky, but actually flattening and the rivets all around the jeans are placed from each side and are just there for an extra detail. In terms of how they fit, I can say it is pretty comfortable, without any kind of not being able to breath. I enjoy wearing mine a bit lower in order that they drop over my feet a little bit more, this trick makes an impression of longer legs.

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Butt Lifting Jeans all the way

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This Friday we are having a Brazilian jeans review and that is always and exciting thing. Butt lifting jeans is a kind of jeans that you try once and you instantly become a fan of them. Since these type of jeans is still pretty new, it is never late to talk more about their greatness. Once I got my first pair, booty boosting jeans easily evolved into being my top rate type.

As I always remind you that for any sizing questions you can totally refer to conveniently placed sizing tables on all of the product pages or you can call our customer support for whatever you have to ask them. Almost all of the items are of the regular size and our jeans are true to size. The fit for these best butt lift jeans is perfect and is close to that of skinny jeans (slim fit, so cute :-) ), but with a twist. The fit on the backside of these Brazilian booty lift jeans does all the magic of butt lifting. It raises the butt, because it is forced by the way the jeans are made in that part, so butt has a different angle that actually help the lifting effect. So these jeans are not just slimming, but they really add to the contour of your body. Also, this jeans where inspired by the actual surgical operation, when some women really lift their buttocks, but many of us are not up to any surgical stuff. For that, there are booty boosting jeans made for us that do all the magic without any big sums of money or medical involving.

Most jeans of the butt lift jeans have skinny fit, some possess traits of straight jeans, but very few. So if you are looking for something slimmer and flattening, butt lift jeans are definitely your choice. Though keep in mind that we carry comfortable skinny, not suffocating skinny. The legs of the jeans are slim and are fitting really nicely, which is absolutely wonderful.

As for washes, we mostly carry blue denim with light washes, but you might find some color variations, which is pretty standard and looks neat and clean. The fabric feels like any denim does plus they are a bit stretchy, so be sure you will get fit in them and you will surely love them. Main feature of these butt shaping pants is that they are comfortable and great.

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Skinny jeans – the thoughts

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On this fine Sunday we are going to speak a little about trendy juniors clothes. Well, because it is never too late to speak about it. In our jeans category, you can find plenty of differently styled jeans, among them, there is one that has slimming properties and makes you look skinnier. Also, if you take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free thingy, you can totally get third pair for free and if you, you surely will be satisfied.

The fit of skinny jeans is made in the way that it sits around your legs and actually enhances your natural forms by smoothing them and giving that skinny effect. As you might assume skinny jeans are tight, but not to the degree, where they become uncomfortable, these are just awesome. Inseam on our jeans is pretty regular, the detailed number is available in the details section on each product page throughout the store. These are mostly quite skinny all the way down. Still each pair of jeans is different and some run smaller or bigger than others. Always check the sizing and details tabs on the product. If you have more questions do not hesitate calling our customer support or you might experience some tight jeans in your package. When you initially obtain them, you’re thinking that they might not fit perfectly, because skinny jeans appear to be so tiny, however they do stretch on your body and provide that skin tight beauty look. I truly love the skinnies for that. The rear pockets are flawlessly placed to be flattering too, sometimes they might show your bottom with a more flat appeal, however I believe that is simply because these are tight.

Now pay some real attention to the wash of the cheap skinny jeans for juniors and its color, this is what attracts all the attention, take our maroon skinny jeans or beige skinny jeans for example. Some are stunning mid to dark blue with fading, while others are bright orange. It truly is lovely when the person can and does combine right clothing with right clothing and jeans can be paired successfully with many items, creating stunning cute outfits.

These kinds of details really make the item, they make it more unique and let you really distinguish yourself. Honestly colored skinny jeans for juniors are easy to become you favorite everyday garment if you get the hang of it. We are truthful right here and I can totally say that I cannot see any disadvantages of these cute skinny jeans for juniors at all, maybe except for the tightness, but that is more of a personal preference.

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Get the best out of butt lifting jeans

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In today’s post we will be telling you about butt lift jeans found in our store and about the best practices on wearing and combining if these jeans with some other clothing. It’s been a lengthy period, when we last wrote about that type of jeans. I believe we will soon have a discount for our Brazilian booty lift jeans, because the Christmas and other great things are coming. So, don’t forget to visit us again soon to get best jeans to lift buttocks. Oh well, back to the post for now.

Our best butt lift jeans are something between skinny and stretchy jeans with some additional cloth at the butt part. Most of our jeans are coming with a zipper, some have buttons, call us or look closely at the pictures to see that small detail. This type of jeans is usually a little stretchy to let you get in them, but not too stretchy, so that once you adapt to the pair, it will be the same afterwards. These are fairly pretty so I totally enjoy all of the styles we have here, the biggest difference among the models of the jeans here are their color (wash/no wash), number of pockets, material, zippers. There can also be some signature on the back pockets and the availability of included belts with some of our pairs. There is nothing I could possibly dislike here.

I will once again say, that most of the butt lifting jeans are true to size, nevertheless, there are some, that need special attention, because each body is special, that is exactly why you can find a lot of information on each product page in the “details” tab. Some booty lifter jeans feel more loose, while others can be a little too skinny for you. Some are true tight jeans and some will absolutely cry for belt. That is not an issue anyway, since you can always contact our customer support in case you have any questions. I get myself fitted in the jeans without any problems as they are not far too tight in the waist, just fitted. The rise is another distinguisher for these booty boosting jeans, even though you currently won’t find many high rise jeans here, there are plenty of low-rise and mid-rise jeans here at TopsJeans. Same thing is for our butt lifting jeans, since they only modify the butt and can still have any kind of rise up there. They do get in pretty shape (sure these are some great butt shaping pants after all!) around your legs showing your forms and making them even better. Also, keep your attention at them pockets, those things can either be present or not and that all depends on the model you choose. Pockets might or might not have cute decorative rivets and that little detail shows how much “jeans” these best jeans to enhance your booty are. That is all for today folks!

XoXo from TopsJeans

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Types of skinny jeans

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This time we are making review on our cheap skinny jeans for juniors collection once again. It’s possible you did not forget that we like talking about jeans here and that we actually know what we are talking about. We like different jeans and there are plenty of other types of skinny jeans we did not write about yet.

Now let’s head onto the actual colored skinny jeans for juniors like burgundy skinny jean, beige skinny jeans for juniors) and other styled jeans and their materials. Most of the jeans are a blend of Cotton, Polyester & Elastane. The concept in it is the fact they allow more stretching for these denims and it makes them more adaptive. In comparison there are many other jeans that don’t have stretching material that makes them too stiff and firm, impossible to adapt to our always changing bodies. Skinny jeans are available in a number of fits some are a lot thinner and/or softer than others.
The fit of these jeans is a skinny one, which has or has no low rise depending on the model you wish to look at within our store. Some of them are skinnier than others so make sure to always read the description. I myself have a tendency to like my skinny jeans tight all the way down, nonetheless it is based off of a classic skinnies. Some our tight along your leg, some are tight only at the top part. I can size that jeans we have are true to size and I never had problems, anyway, it is very critical to refer to the sizing table. Juniors skinny jeans for women here come in sizes from 0 to 17. There are now plus size jeans for now. They fit, most of the women and are not as loosened in the legs as your standard jeans, yet, skinny jeans are comfortable nonetheless. Don’t go to low with the sizing too, since they can become quite tight in the waist, but because it is so easy to exchange jeans for a bigger or smaller size (matter of availability) you should always contact our customer service with such matters. They always help.

There are jeans of different looks and colors that you will encounter. Maroon jeans for juniors are one of those. The shape of skinny jeans around the butt is perfect and really slimming. We are efficient at mastering the flattering back pockets and these skinny jeans are absolutely no exception from this rule. They are all of the right height, the proper width and the right fit and position to really improve the look of your legs.
The inseam is of a regular length and you can always see the actual inseam of particular jeans of particular size on actual product page, same is true for other items within our store too. The hemline is also different, it is cuffed or plain on most of the jeans. See pictures or our outfit category to have a chance of easier choice of the shoes to wear with the jeans you like. It will make everything look much – much better.

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Getting stylish and how to distinguish skinny jeans

This time around our blog is going to be about the skinny jeans that you can find within our TopsJeans store. After describing and reviewing countless pairs of different jeans and dresses, it’s definitely a refreshing change in our program to mention women skinny jeans today.

First, I will begin with the sizing and their material, therefore I can say that models of the jeans presented are measured true to their size. There are fully skinny, staying tight around the legs and they’re not feeling loose or anything like that. These are like 70% cotton though, to make sure they feel firm, sturdy and at the same time very comfortable on you. The denim is pretty thin though, it’s a significant helper that makes you look sexy, more skinny, but as well they don’t feel restricting by any means. I personally wore these for the full day, which involved plenty of walking, and they also held up fine. Cute skinny jeans do somewhat loosen up with extended usage, however, not a lot, so that they remain comfortable for the whole time.

Basically this are actually tight ankle skinny jeans, nonetheless it is based off from skinny pants, so its tapered within the ankles and feel quite slim at the leg. We have some models that have got cuffs at the hem which add to the feel and in addition they have quite a low rise, making them stay lower on the hips. Most cheap skinny jeans for juniors tend to have back pockets as they where they would be mostly convenient, sometimes they are placed lower down. They keep the back pockets on some models, while they totally do not on others, so they are actually really flattering from behind. This is definitely a first for skinny jeans!

Finally we will discuss the wash just a bit as it is an attractive addition that has a traditional “worn” feel from it, even so the wash can have not a very prominent look. The thing I find quite cool about the wash is the fact that you can always pair and combine your clothing, paying attention to such things as wash, otherwise your overall look might not look natural, and however the jeans will make sure that your legs look really good. Jeans worn out look have always been in trend and some of our jeans look like they have been purposely created just for that reason. Dear readers, stay stylish and be cool.


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Skinny jeans general things and how to work with them

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Our denim review this week is about colorful and plain cheap skinny jeans for juniors that we don’t write much about, but since we have quite some of them, why not tell about it? In our store you can find cute jeans for juniors with different washes, most of them are mid-rise skinny jeans in and I am also quite excited to tell you more about them for you since we didn’t do that much before.

I’m always intrigued by writing about new stuff as I am always wondering how they’re going to fit my expectation, and today’s discussion fits very well. These are juniors skinny jeans mostly and they are skinny all the way down to the ankles as you can tell and each style is unique, 90% of cheap junior skinny jeans have a cool “signature” on the back pockets, so you’ll always get something different for an instance we have turquoise skinny jeans, rust skinny jeans, checkered skinny jeans. As for the front, most of our jeans have a zipper, I personally think that is not just cool, but more comfortable too, it’s good and sturdy.

The front rise is of a mid-height of approximately 8.5 inches along with the inseam of 30 inches, making them to have a very slight bunching at my ankles however this doesn’t get them to look sloppy because of how skinny they really are. The denim itself is really stretchy and flexible, because of this you could wear them around like leggings and be in full comfort and they can be patterned skinny jeans at the same time, just like leggings have patterns, jeans can too. You can wear these jeans for days and will really enjoy the way they feel and fit. They certainly feel nice and soft in comparison to other denim.

The rear pockets, as you can see are well placed too. They may be slightly higher and thinner, creating the illusion of a slimmer and perkier butt, so that is totally a bonus too! Just find burgundy skinny jeans and see for yourself. Other than the backwards area, these may have some unique details like stitching or metallic rivets, so they are really nice and can be seen as classic pairs of jeans.
The wash and/or color are quite intense and are easily seen, it is not some slight fading. The wash is among those that will go with everything, so it’s really a must have in your wardrobe. Jeans look pretty and authentic, in other words, you will love them. :-)

Sizing is something extremely easy to work with, just use the table provided on each product on the right from the photo in the “Sizes” tab. So in case you are losing it and need some help with sizing, refer to the table first, in case nothing helps, give our customer service a call, they are always more than happy to help you you’re your choice. I really like all of these jeans, be it classic blue pair or something colored or with some fancy print. I think these would be ideal for someone who wants to experience some skinny models or is looking for something classic. You get used to the tightness around your legs after a little wearing, so it’s not a trouble. The denim always softens up a little after some wearing!

For all of the other trendy clothes for juniors or any colombian jeans visit the link that leads to our store’s main page.