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Butt lift jeans that changed the world

Butt Lift Jeans - TopsJeans
Denim time! Today dear readers, we are talking about butt lift jeans. Why butt lifter jeans, you might ask. Well, they are very popular nowadays and we are all about being in trend, no time to lose, you know. You are already aware that we are huge fans of Colombian jeans, but in few last weeks we only reviewed some of our skinny jeans, so this is a nice shift of themes for us.

I remember how I saw this type of jeans for the first time, I got some wow thoughts on these and fall in love forever. Everything about these is perfect, from high they actually fit your body to the effect they give your buttocks. I like having different jeans in my wardrobe, with different wash (of course), the detailing/outlining and some with zipper and other with buttons.

Take our Brazilian jeans for example, they feature zipper models and buttons models, some even come with belt included (just few of them) which adds a distinctive feel to them and they are also quite flattering because they keep to the contour of your body. The hemline is of the ordinary skinny jeans and helps a bit in making the legs look just a bit longer. Regarding the detailing, there are few elements like rivets and stitching lines that clearly distinguish one pair from another. These specific things are usually rather notable and unique to most of Continue reading

Butt Lifting Jeans all the way

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This Friday we are having a Brazilian jeans review and that is always and exciting thing. Butt lifting jeans is a kind of jeans that you try once and you instantly become a fan of them. Since these type of jeans is still pretty new, it is never late to talk more about their greatness. Once I got my first pair, booty boosting jeans easily evolved into being my top rate type.

As I always remind you that for any sizing questions you can totally refer to conveniently placed sizing tables on all of the product pages or you can call our customer support for whatever you have to ask them. Almost all of the items are of the regular size and our jeans are true to size. The fit for these best butt lift jeans is perfect and is close to that of skinny jeans (slim fit, so cute :-) ), but with a twist. The fit on the backside of these Brazilian booty lift jeans does all the magic of butt lifting. It raises the butt, because it is forced by the way the jeans are made in that part, so butt has a different angle that actually help the lifting effect. So these jeans are not just slimming, but they really add to the contour of your body. Also, this jeans where inspired by the actual surgical operation, when some women really lift their buttocks, but many of us are not up to any surgical stuff. For that, there are booty boosting jeans made for us that do all the magic without any big sums of money or medical involving. Continue reading

Must-Have Jeans for any season

Looking to look cute? We will happily help you with that. We’ve gone from soft spring to the harsh summer and are now closer and closer to the upcoming cooling fall and each season is fulfilled with our passion for jeans fashion. This summer’s weather is a little jumpy and jeans are again the best choice to go with. Jeans are the fashion safeguard, because once something happens, you can put your tight jeans back on. For example checkered skinny jeans are a good choice, since they look cool, will not make you sweat and are always comfortable. Pair them with some tank top and it will be your best bet for any occasion. Getting into some cool looking Brazilian butt lifting jeans is also quite a reasonable thing to do, since it won’t be too hot or too cold for you during the day and it is extra cool to have such jeans nowadays. Brazilian butt jeans are an absolutely must have for all seasons of the year as of today. This type of clothing is easily compatible with other styles and won’t let you down by not being able to be combined with other stuff you have in your wardrobe. Consider getting some Colombian jeans for women (yourself) and never struggle again!


Butt lifting jeans. Lifting your buttocks in minutes

Did you hear about best jeans on the planet? This is intriguing. Who will not want to look better without an actual need to work hard for that? That being said, there is clothing that can help you look better, without a need to do any hard work. The world-popular butt lifting jeans were created by the hands of Brazilian and Colombian designers that help girls lift their buttocks, giving a cool and girly appearance. Continue reading