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Butt lift jeans that changed the world

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Denim time! Today dear readers, we are talking about butt lift jeans. Why butt lifter jeans, you might ask. Well, they are very popular nowadays and we are all about being in trend, no time to lose, you know. You are already aware that we are huge fans of Colombian jeans, but in few last weeks we only reviewed some of our skinny jeans, so this is a nice shift of themes for us.

I remember how I saw this type of jeans for the first time, I got some wow thoughts on these and fall in love forever. Everything about these is perfect, from high they actually fit your body to the effect they give your buttocks. I like having different jeans in my wardrobe, with different wash (of course), the detailing/outlining and some with zipper and other with buttons.

Take our Brazilian jeans for example, they feature zipper models and buttons models, some even come with belt included (just few of them) which adds a distinctive feel to them and they are also quite flattering because they keep to the contour of your body. The hemline is of the ordinary skinny jeans and helps a bit in making the legs look just a bit longer. Regarding the detailing, there are few elements like rivets and stitching lines that clearly distinguish one pair from another. These specific things are usually rather notable and unique to most of the jeans.

Now as we now have talked about most of the specifics, the body fit of the butt jeans is comparable to their traditional skinny jeans predecessor. These are slim and sleek all the way down along with the rear pockets placed flawlessly to become thin and this is the thing I really like about bum lift jeans. Unlike their skinny counterparts, these are generally much more flexible denim with more stretching. They are really comfortable and do not restrict you from moving around at all. They are really certainly not restrictive, limiting or not comfortable, definitely not awkward, pretty stretchy, so they adapt to you in time. This is proven to work well with different types of tops.

I do say that these butt lift jeans are pretty cool and I mean it, they can fit well in the knees and are also skinny everywhere. Well it is time to finish today, see you in the next post.

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