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Butt Lifting Jeans all the way

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This Friday we are having a Brazilian jeans review and that is always and exciting thing. Butt lifting jeans is a kind of jeans that you try once and you instantly become a fan of them. Since these type of jeans is still pretty new, it is never late to talk more about their greatness. Once I got my first pair, booty boosting jeans easily evolved into being my top rate type.

As I always remind you that for any sizing questions you can totally refer to conveniently placed sizing tables on all of the product pages or you can call our customer support for whatever you have to ask them. Almost all of the items are of the regular size and our jeans are true to size. The fit for these best butt lift jeans is perfect and is close to that of skinny jeans (slim fit, so cute :-) ), but with a twist. The fit on the backside of these Brazilian booty lift jeans does all the magic of butt lifting. It raises the butt, because it is forced by the way the jeans are made in that part, so butt has a different angle that actually help the lifting effect. So these jeans are not just slimming, but they really add to the contour of your body. Also, this jeans where inspired by the actual surgical operation, when some women really lift their buttocks, but many of us are not up to any surgical stuff. For that, there are booty boosting jeans made for us that do all the magic without any big sums of money or medical involving.

Most jeans of the butt lift jeans have skinny fit, some possess traits of straight jeans, but very few. So if you are looking for something slimmer and flattening, butt lift jeans are definitely your choice. Though keep in mind that we carry comfortable skinny, not suffocating skinny. The legs of the jeans are slim and are fitting really nicely, which is absolutely wonderful.

As for washes, we mostly carry blue denim with light washes, but you might find some color variations, which is pretty standard and looks neat and clean. The fabric feels like any denim does plus they are a bit stretchy, so be sure you will get fit in them and you will surely love them. Main feature of these butt shaping pants is that they are comfortable and great.