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Cute pink outfit review

Summer is going on, soccer world cup is hot in Brazil and everyone is having a fun time. We decided to make a little outfit overview, which can be found among our cute outfits category. The outfit we are reviewing today is: Skinny Jeans Outfit.

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Let’s begin from the top. For the top we have a cute tops for juniors. It is plain, yet stylish and looks cute. It is far from being too simple, due to its design, but not too fancy. The club blouse has short sleeves for warm weather days, scoop neckline and a little pleated on the top of the back.

The next item are colorful skinny jeans, absolutely amazing skinny jeans with a floral print all over them. Floral prints are never out of fashion, which is a good thing, because with such a tendency, you will never be out of fashion. Jeans have a zipper in front and possess the power of 4 pockets, with an extra fifth pocket inside the right one. Most of the jeans have it and we will definitely cover why in our future posts. Denim outfits for women are always the best.

Third item is a double item, since it should always have a pair. Let me present you heels for juniors. They are made for this cute club outfits and show them off from the best side possible. Really cute high heels have a glossy cover, so glossy that you can see yourself in them.

Forth item will be a fuchsia double clutch that add up onto the cuteness of this whole outfit thingy and is an absolutely must have for any girl that goes anywhere. You will be able to stuff it with your wallet, keys, mobile phone and many other useful items. Don’t stuff it to much though, it’s not a turkey.

Fifth and last item is faux pearls bracelet, which actually only complements this outfit. A cute bracelet that is supposed to add that extra detail to the whole look and we think that it does just that with the best of what it can do.

Thanks for reading our blog post regarding this cute outfit and we hope that you enjoy this summer, just as we do with all the sunny weather we get.