Return Policy

We like how it is going when you like it. Unsatisfied and wish to return something? Please, read below.

To return:

  • Carefully verify that the clothing was unworn/unwashed, all original tags are where they should be;
  • Sign in your registered account and get into previous orders page;
  • Find an order, you want to return;
  • Click on request “RMA” and proceed with the process of return.
  • During RMAing you choose what you want to return from you order;
  • Now submit your request and we will receive your request and answer you back in 24 hours if 14 business days limit to return is still eligible.
    Submitting an RMA after 02:00 PM on Friday is not the best idea, we will not process your return request until Monday, 09:00 AM, but! You will be the first in the line;
  • As we satisfy what you submitted, you will get the number in the order, where you requested it and also you will receive an e-mail with a RMA. Write it on the package, box, parcel, letter or whatever you are sending back

As we receive an item and inspect it, we will contact you using the phone or email.

Who pays for Return:

  • If you did not like the product you bought, you are responsible for shipping cost;
  • We have sent something wrong to you? We will pay for shipping it back to o;r place
  • Be neat and include a reason of return(where should we locate a problem on the clothing or a specific detail you did not like);
  • No exact replacement in our stock? We will call you back during the day and ask if you want exchange for something else or you want your money back;

The following is under 10% return fee:

  • Refused Packages (ones you did not like);
  • Wrong shipping address information given by you.

Sincerely yours, TopsJeans.